Saturday, March 19, 2011

My View On: Wars

This part of my blog is going to be my view on several topics. Let's start with wars
I find war senseless, immature, and barbaric. So the current war on terrorism in the middle east is completely uncalled for. It's true that a terrorist group attacked our country and killed many people, no one can deny that. After we are attacked we have to go to the middle east, kill other people and try to tell them how to run their country? I find this ridiculous! We have no business being there. What ever happened to "two wrongs make a right"? It is a FACT that our troops are not killing the terrorists or the country's soldiers but innocent people! We should try to talk to the oppsing country not go in and attack it! Wars also start a lot of prejudice. Right now people call all middle eastern people terrorists. Before this it was Russians, and Vietnamese, and so many other countries! I don't understand why our country is so violent. If we could just learn to think before acting there would be less war. As in the wise words of John Lennon: "Give peace a chance"

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