Monday, March 21, 2011

My View On: Animal Rights

Animal Rights
So, what did you have for dinner last night? A steak? Or chicken maybe? Well did you know that when you eat meat you are destroying yourself? Meat is the number one cause of heart disease in this country. Fish has a HUGE amount of salmonella. Factory framing is evil! Cows and pigs are electrocuted with a stun gun but that doesn't work about 90% of the time and they are alive and conscious when they have their throats cut! Chickens and turkeys are given growth hormones so they grow so big that they are crippled under their own weight. Fish are caught and killed in ways that are illegal to any other species and most of them die and are infected with many germs before they are processed (and they are not cleaned!) also "with the fishing industry's rape of the oceans, the worlds oceans will be empty by 2048"- Paul McCartney.
So dose the dead animal on your plate sound good now?
So, let's talk about fur...
Animals are kept in cages for almost their whole lives. They have no veterinary care what so ever. They are barely fed and most of them resort to cannibalism on their cage mates. These animals are skinned alive and are left to die. They are transported by truck for miles in all weather, and they are treated very poorly. These animals are tortured just so we can wear them! Do uggs and a Barbary jacket sound cool to you now?

Here are some links to videos that tell you about factory farming and fur trade


Teen age pregnancy is everywhere these days (I may write a rant about that) and with unwanted pregnancy is abortion. Let's put ourselves in a position shall we. Say you are a 15 year old, soon to be mother. You are pregnant and you don't want to keep the baby. So you are going to go get the baby sucked out? Does that sound pleasant? Well i certainly don't think so. There are always other options life adoption. The choice is yours. Are you going to kill a baby, or are you going to have the baby and give it to someone who would like a baby? Maybe you don't want to live with being cranky and having swollen ankles of 9 months, while craving tacos and pickles. Just to save your self an inconvenient 9 months you are going to kill a person? People say 'it's not a person. it's just a sack of cells' well that sack of cells could find the cure for cancer one day! ever think of that?

My View On: The Death Sentence

These days we live in a world that is ridden with crime. One of those crimes, unfortunately, is murder. Dozens of people are murdered a day, and the numbers are getting bigger. I can sympathize with the families of the people who have been murdered. I can understand that they want the person or people to pay for what they have done but I think that the death sentence is over doing it. I find it completely ironic that we kill people who kill people to show that killing is wrong. Those people do deserve prison for life with no parole, defiantly. If we murder someone does that not a contradiction? This government is very Catholosized, and the bible seems to come into play a lot. I hate to mention religion but in this case I believe it fits. In the bible does it not say "thou shall not kill"? So we are sinning so we can punish someone who sinned? Murderers are bad people, don't get me wrong, but no one deserves to die. Everyone was given a life (I don't know who it was technically given by but that's besides the point) but if we all have a life should we not be able to live it? Think of it this way, which is worse, being given a quick death by lethal injection, or living a life in prison and dealing with the guilt of knowing you murdered another human being.

My View On: Nuclear War

Nuclear War is possibly the worst invention and event that this world has ever had. People everyday are killed by it. Look at Chernobyl, and Japan at the moment. Whole cities were killed by nuclear explosions, and the armies of the world want to use it was weapons to use against each other so millions of other people can be killed! People in surrounding areas of Chernobyl had children and they were born with several defects. These children can't live normal lives because of nuclear power. People's lives have been ruined by this type of power now the world's governments want to use it to kill people, and the areas effected by it are going to be unusable because radiation will be there for decades after. So if the government wants to seem like total ass holes and start blowing up other people and putting that country in ruins, fine, I will be NO part of it at all! Nuclear power may be good for a power source to provide power to homes and other places but to use it for war and destruction is completely barbaric and America will be remembered as the country that destroyed another country. Does nuclear war sound good now?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My View On: racism and predjudice

Racism and Prejudice
OK so here's what i think about racism:
I think it is 100% absolutely wrong! Why must we make fun of others that don't resemble our selves? Just because someone is darker or lighter skined, or has different eyes, or has a certian look to them, doesn't mean they are better or worse then ourselves. I also hate groups like the KKK. No group of people has more power, or a higher opinion than another. Also I hate that i just said 'groups'. We should not divide ourselves into sub categories. We are all human are we not? (Maybe your an alien, I don't know :P) I also hate how on applications they ask for your race. Is it important at all? I don't think that it's fair if say a college gets two applications that are identical except one person is white and the other is black, and they pick the black person because they want to have more 'diversity'. It is useless knowing someone's race. I think I've ranted enough about racism now lets move onto prejudice

I hate how people will judge people on their culture, beliefs, and sexuality. For gays and lesbians i think they are treated VERY unfair. I don't see why America has a problem letting gays get married. If they love each other let them get married. Just because the bible says that 'man shall not love man and woman shall not love woman' should NOT come into play! Religion and politics are two completely different things! Now with religion, i hate how Islamic people are all called terrorists. People make fun of Jewish people, and Islamic people all the time. Why do people never make fun of Christians?! I can understand that there are people who make fun of Christians but it's not as wide spread as making fun of Jews or Muslims. It also annoys me that people call Mexicans 'beaners' or 'wet backs'. And people call Asian people 'chinks' or 'zipper heads'. Let's say you are a white person, and a person comes up to you and calls you a cracker, how would you feel? If we all had compassion for each other and if we would stop all the names maybe we could have a little peace between us! We are all human (sorry if there are aliens reading this) and we should not sub divide ourselves or categorize each other. Everyone just be tolerant and have some compassion. In the words of George Harrison "Love each other"

My View On: Wars

This part of my blog is going to be my view on several topics. Let's start with wars
I find war senseless, immature, and barbaric. So the current war on terrorism in the middle east is completely uncalled for. It's true that a terrorist group attacked our country and killed many people, no one can deny that. After we are attacked we have to go to the middle east, kill other people and try to tell them how to run their country? I find this ridiculous! We have no business being there. What ever happened to "two wrongs make a right"? It is a FACT that our troops are not killing the terrorists or the country's soldiers but innocent people! We should try to talk to the oppsing country not go in and attack it! Wars also start a lot of prejudice. Right now people call all middle eastern people terrorists. Before this it was Russians, and Vietnamese, and so many other countries! I don't understand why our country is so violent. If we could just learn to think before acting there would be less war. As in the wise words of John Lennon: "Give peace a chance"

Friday, March 18, 2011


So this is about anti-war.
I am very against the war in the middle east and i don't think we belong there. The people being killed there are not our soldiers or their soldiers but civilians! The people did NOTHING to harm us, but groups from the counties did!
I believe the government over reacts to everything and we need to stop being so uptight
This is a very "John Lennon" approved blog.
Peace, love, anti-war
If there was no such thing as war Imagine what a better place earth would be!