Monday, March 21, 2011

My View On: Nuclear War

Nuclear War is possibly the worst invention and event that this world has ever had. People everyday are killed by it. Look at Chernobyl, and Japan at the moment. Whole cities were killed by nuclear explosions, and the armies of the world want to use it was weapons to use against each other so millions of other people can be killed! People in surrounding areas of Chernobyl had children and they were born with several defects. These children can't live normal lives because of nuclear power. People's lives have been ruined by this type of power now the world's governments want to use it to kill people, and the areas effected by it are going to be unusable because radiation will be there for decades after. So if the government wants to seem like total ass holes and start blowing up other people and putting that country in ruins, fine, I will be NO part of it at all! Nuclear power may be good for a power source to provide power to homes and other places but to use it for war and destruction is completely barbaric and America will be remembered as the country that destroyed another country. Does nuclear war sound good now?

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