Monday, March 21, 2011

My View On: Animal Rights

Animal Rights
So, what did you have for dinner last night? A steak? Or chicken maybe? Well did you know that when you eat meat you are destroying yourself? Meat is the number one cause of heart disease in this country. Fish has a HUGE amount of salmonella. Factory framing is evil! Cows and pigs are electrocuted with a stun gun but that doesn't work about 90% of the time and they are alive and conscious when they have their throats cut! Chickens and turkeys are given growth hormones so they grow so big that they are crippled under their own weight. Fish are caught and killed in ways that are illegal to any other species and most of them die and are infected with many germs before they are processed (and they are not cleaned!) also "with the fishing industry's rape of the oceans, the worlds oceans will be empty by 2048"- Paul McCartney.
So dose the dead animal on your plate sound good now?
So, let's talk about fur...
Animals are kept in cages for almost their whole lives. They have no veterinary care what so ever. They are barely fed and most of them resort to cannibalism on their cage mates. These animals are skinned alive and are left to die. They are transported by truck for miles in all weather, and they are treated very poorly. These animals are tortured just so we can wear them! Do uggs and a Barbary jacket sound cool to you now?

Here are some links to videos that tell you about factory farming and fur trade

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